Three Ways To Use Card Tables At A Family Gathering

Your local table rental service likely has all sorts of unique tables that can be a good fit for a number of events, but it never hurts to look at conventional options when you're planning a family party in your home. One product that you'll almost certainly encounter is a card table, which is a simple table that is generally square and relatively small in size. It's possible that you own your own card table, but renting a few pieces of this furniture can be useful for all sorts of family gatherings. The versatility of this type of table makes it a good addition to your event. Here are three ways that you'll be able to use card tables.

Buffet Dining

Setting out food for your guests to serve themselves makes sense at this type of event, and you don't necessarily need a long, buffet-style table for doing so. Another option is to place different types of food on a series of small card tables. For example, you might place glasses and drinks on one table, appetizers and small plates on another, large plates and main courses on another, and desserts and dessert plates on another. Positioning these small tables in different areas will prevent the congestion that occurs when everyone flocks to the same area to get food.

Children's Seating

While you'll probably want larger tables for the adults, children often have fun sitting at their own tables during family events. There's a sense of independence and excitement that comes from sitting together, especially when they're away from the adults. You can use one or more card tables to provide seating for the children at your family event. A card table can easily accommodate four kids, so consider how many children will be in attendance before you decide how many card tables you'll need to rent.

Children's Games

Although your family members will likely spend a lot of time eating and catching up, the children in attendance may want to play games together. When you rent a few card tables, one option is to encourage your kids to play board games at these tables. A couple of tables set up with board games can be a popular spot for the kids in attendance, and you may even have a few adults joining in throughout the day. At mealtime, it's relatively easy to clear off the games and place food on the tables or set them for the kids to sit while eating. Contact a table rental service to browse its selection of card tables.