Choose An Inflatable Water Slide With These Add-Ons

An inflatable water slide can provide hours of entertainment for children at a birthday party, family reunion, or church picnic. When you find a company in your community that specializes in inflatable games, you can expect to see a large inventory of water slides for rent. It's important to take your time checking out each of the models so that you can choose the right one. While some water slides have a basic design, others feature a variety of add-on items that can be fun for the children. A popular add-on is a wading pool at the base of the slide, but there are several other options that you might encounter.

Attached Bounce House

A lot of people enjoy renting inflatable bounce houses for children's events. If you like the idea of a water slide but still see value in a bounce house, look for a water slide that has a small bounce house attached to it. The kids will have fun sliding down the slide and then taking some time to bounce around in the enclosed space. Once they get hot from bouncing, they can quickly climb up to the top of the slide and cool down in the water.

Climbing Wall

Most inflatable water slides are equipped with a set of steps that the children climb on their way to the top of the structure. There are some products, however, that also feature a small climbing wall that leads from the wading pool to the platform at the top of the slide. There will be a lot of children who are keen on using the climbing wall on their way to the top, as it will offer more of a challenge. These walls are typically sloped, rather than vertical, which makes them safe for any child to climb.

Dump Bucket

Kids who visit community splash pads will often encounter a dump bucket. This is an overhead bucket that slowly fills with water and tips over when it's full, dumping the water on whoever happens to be under it. Some inflatable water slides are equipped with this feature, which can add a lot of fun to the sliding experience. For example, if the dump bucket is positioned at the top of the slide, the kids will enjoy trying to get on the slide before the bucket tips and soaks them. Look for these and other add-on features when you rent an inflatable water slide.

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