Are You Planning A Special Event?

Are you hosting a special event? Maybe you are honoring your parents as they celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. Or, it could be that you are planning a spectacular event for your daughter's sixteenth birthday party. No matter the reason you are hosting a special event, maybe you are looking for ideas that will make it especially lovely and memorable. Read on for some ideas that might inspire you.

Have You Decided To Cook The Food Yourself? - Maybe you are known in your circle of friends and family to be a fabulous cook. If that's true, perhaps those who attend the special event will probably not be a bit surprised that you did all the cooking yourself. 

  • Are you going with an elegant meal? If so, consider preparing both chicken cordon bleu and salmon croquettes. Perfect sides for that kind of meal would be baked baby potatoes and asparagus with cheese sauce. A green salad with poppy seed dressing and creme brûlée would be great additions. 
  • It might be that you are wanting a casual meal served as a buffet. In that case, consider offering your favorite finger foods that will be easy for the guests to serve themselves. Mini Italian meatballs, Mexican empanadas, little lamb shish kebabs, and grilled vegetable kebabs would be a very unique combination of foods. An assortment of your famous cupcakes would be a perfect dessert.
  • Of course, instead of the creme brûlée or the cupcakes, a homemade cake designed especially for the honored guest would also be a great way to end whichever meal you end up preparing. 

Do You Need To Arrange For Catering Equipment Rental? - While you might be a fabulous cook, you may not own all of the items you'll need for the party. If that's true, think about renting catering equipment.

  • The equipment you rent will be as elegant as you want it to be. For instance, if you are serving a champagne punch, you might want to rent a large silver punch bowl and little punch cups. 
  • Something else on your list of items to rent will more than likely be serving trays, dinner plates, salad and dessert plates, and flatware. If you're going with an informal event, maybe you don't want elegant pieces. The catering facility will have an assortment of less formal pieces that will set the mood you're looking for. The catering company will also have an assortment of linens to complement the serving pieces you're renting.
  • Do you plan to hold the event outside? If so, think of also renting a party tent. And, whether you are having the party outside or inside, you might also want to rent tables and chairs.

Think of making a list of everything you need for the catering company. Even if the agent has made his or her list own list, it will be helpful for him or her to cross-check it with your list. 

For more information and tips, reach out to a catering equipment rental service near you.