Things That A Beach Bonfire Package Will Include

If you're planning a summertime gathering for a large group of friends, it's fun to think about the many ways that you can make this get-together special. One option to consider is having a bonfire on the beach — something that you may wish to do if you own sandy waterfront property or access to a beach area with the owner's permission. Instead of trying to manage the bonfire on your own, you can contact a local beach bonfire service for help. It has a handful of packages that you can evaluate to decide which is best for you and your group. Choose a package that includes these elements.


Instead of trying to gather your own chairs and take them to the beach, choose a beach bonfire package that includes chairs. When you order this package, your attendant will arrive with not only the materials needed to produce a memorable beach bonfire but also as many chairs as you need. The presence of chairs ensures that your guests are comfortable, as your bonfire will likely burn for a couple of hours or more. At the end of the bonfire, you'll be able to leave without having to worry about gathering up the chairs; your attendant will take care of this job for you.


You may wish to think about some form of snack to enjoy during your bonfire. Some beach bonfire packages offer s'mores as an add-on item, and this may be something that you find appealing — especially if a large number of children are in attendance. Few things are more fun than sitting around a bonfire and eating s'mores, so your bonfire service can bring the right amount of ingredients to ensure that no one leaves your event with an empty stomach.

Tiki Torches

While everyone will enjoy focusing on the large bonfire that you're gathered around, it can be fun to have some other sources of light, too. Some bonfire services provide Tiki torches for your group, and this may be something else that interests you when you're choosing a package. You'll learn how to operate your Tiki torches safely, and you can have fun either holding them as you sit or stand around the fire, or perhaps sticking them into the sand at a safe distance from you. 

If you have additional questions about beach bonfire package options, contact a company like Bonfires At The Beach 30a.